Current Rules and Statute:
Promulgated by authority under the Board of Examiners of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology Practice Act W.S. 33-33-101 through W.S. 33-33-309.

Practice Act (also called Statute) 
Current Rules and Regulations filed July 26, 2018

Rules by Chapter:
Chapter 1 - General Provisions        

Chapter 2 - Licensure and Renewal Requirements and Application Procedures

Chapter 3 - REPEALED      

Chapter 4 - REPEALED 

Chapter 5Speech Pathology and Audiology Aides   

Chapter 6- REPEALED     

Chapter 7Fees  

Chapter 8 - REPEALED

Chapter 9 - Practice and Procedures for Disciplinary, Application, and Licensure Matters

Chapter 10 - REPEALED   

Chapter 11 - Practice of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology  

Chapter 12 - Speech-Language Pathology Assistant

Referenced by Incorporation.  The following documents are incorporated in Chapter 1 of the Rules and provided here for your reference.

AAA Code of Ethics (eff. October 2011)

ABA Code of Ethics (eff. 1999)

ASHA Code of Ethics ( eff. March 2016)


The Wyoming Board of Examiners of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology is staffed through the Professional Licensing Boards Office, a division of A&I.